You happen to land on my online bicyclz space. Based in UK: )

Old skool site this. Always ‘Under Construction’ because life is like that. Current interests always likely to be most important…. Menu at top of each page is all.

But: Interesting stuff below. Possibly.

1992ish Carrera Podium

Latest project here….

Check the others, or some of them, below: )

Dave Marsh TT machine from 1988ish.

Dave Marsh in one of it guises…

Thanet Silverthan 1948 in chrome. Rare machine here. Also featured on the wonderful ClassicLightweights site.

I’ll be amazed if you know what this one is; )


Hints? English. Central England.

Triple triangle did not begin with GT, good as they are. In ‘BritSpeak’ they are ‘Hellenic’ stays…. (Holdsworth tried the set -up)

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