411M 1964 Singer Slant in Italian cabinet.

This is the ebay pic of it….


This is it at my home after collection. Checking it out & recording it in detail: )

Singer 411M Does the M stand for Milano or Monza?

411G found (in UK) in original Treadle spec. Rare in Europe, never mind USA/Canada!

Italian version of the rare Singer 411 here in a nice ‘School Desk’ style cabinet. From 1964ish & working very well now.


The original owner/possibly a later user, was a heavy smoker with no ashtray it seems, (Look at the RH edge burns into the veneer) but now looking much better.


The machine itself is in fine working order now. Came with all the original Chain-stitch parts, plus more, so I’m very happy with it: )


It stitches like it should, chain-stitch & lockstitch & now ready for another 50 years use.


One problem was the button foot controller. Now solved because ArchaicArcane explained exactly how to deal with it: )


Do check ArchaicArcane on Youtube if you have Singer Slant machine problems. Or just want to know more details.


Also, recently (June 2017) I found another 411G in a different Italian cabinet. See below.


This is an original treadle specced 411G in a most beautiful cabinet. Will have a dedicated page to this machine on my site here very shortly.


How many people in 1964 would have bought this machine in treadle spec from Singer?? Not many, I’m certain.