This site is here to simply share my bikes, current & past. Plus maybe some bicycling related issues.

Tasters here….

I do like the idea of taking an older, interesting, special frame perhaps, & building it up for modern use. This Royal Enfield Revelation is a case in point. Only made in small numbers before RE folded in early 1967.

Variety is the spice of life for me so there’s ‘allsorts’ here: Road, Vintage, male/female, MTB, Town bikes,  as well as some very cool kids bikes.

A rarish Royal Enfield Revelation here. A suitable candidate for treatment/personalisation.

The amazing UK made Brompton

Not just small wheelers here….

Simoncini Super Record with Columbus Max lugged tubing. Sculpture in steel.

Some of my bikes, past & present hereabouts. All lovely & satisfying to my eye.

There is a great story around the Simoncini Max. Peter found it; )

Me a little old (1946 model: ) to take proper advantage of some of them…

But, I got a very nice Scott ESUB Tourer (ESUB = Electric Sports Utility Bicycle) to hopefully let me ride as long as possible.

I do odd restorations (taking a broad view) & meet some interesting bikes & people along the way.

Below is the very cool Scott ESUB Tour. Has Bosch BB motor & is generally good mid-range kit in 2017/8. I’ve had it a year & done just 50 miles on it….. But I expect to use it more later…

I’m amazed by it actually. You can ride it with virtually no energy input from yourself.

Or, if you ride it without the motor (Dead battery say) it is so similar to riding a ‘normal’ 1950s Raleigh Superbe 3/4 speed Roadster! I’ve ridden many Superbes in the past & they are so, so similar.

IIRC a Superbe weighed 45+lbs & this Scott is circa 52lbs ready to go. Not a lot of difference.

The Scott just wins, by having 11 gears instead of 3, & hydraulic disc brakes: )

I like the both, but the Scott is just such a pleasure. With or without electricity.

On the right is a beautiful, elegant Tour de Suisse mixte. Always liked the curvy mixtes & this is one of the best. I also have a La Francais Diamant mixte which will appear here anon.

Something completely different?  Gundle Model T carrier bike here. A great story around this one.

I bought it impulsively at auction because of the lack of interest in it!

They were made in Birmingham & I knew nothing much about Gundle when I got it. But research located the daughter of Leonard Gundle (in her 70s by then) & I met the lovely lady, & had an amazing conversation about her father & his lifetime works.

He built & raced his own Motorcycles in the 1920s!!! A truly amazing guy. More details anon in a dedicated Gundle section on this site: )

A 1930s Raleigh loop frame here, as found. A lovely example of the genre.  I’ve had a good few Raleighs, & others, of the period & this one stands out. Now in regular use. What could be nicer?

My favourite sister here proudly riding this machine in Orford Park, Warrington.. I think this is a lovely pic: ) You don’t need the details, but you can see the happy smile: )

( J. Could be Lorna in the 1950s??)

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