With a ‘proper’ headbadge & Campagnolo head-set/brakes it promises to be a fine machine.

This Carrera Podium is my latest addition & I know nothing much about it currently. Not even the model name. Says Carrera 1 One on the neat head-badge

Was said to be an Italian ‘exotic’ though: ) By the previous owner, & I agree.

Columbus Genius lugged tubing & some Carrera pantographing, chromed rear quarter & forks. (Forks probably not original, but I do like the ultra slimline Unicrown: )

Got it as a basic frame/forks. In good order with a simple black & chrome finish that is understated & very cool in my opinion.

It dates from 1991/94 with SN 1375 stamped on the rear left Carrera dropout. Has to be post 1991 because the Columbus Genius tubing was introduced then. In 1994 Red Rose Imports became the North America Carrera Distributors & they have no knowledge of this particular machine.

Carrera Podiums are few & far between in UK because Halfords, a car & bike chain, own the rights to the Carrera name here. You can easily get tired of explaining that to Brits: )

Has been built up here with available components in order to try it out on the road. It rides like a thoroughbred & will likely get rebuilt with all Italian components soon.

Has a Campagnolo Chorus head set & Veloce brake calipers here & the rest is Shimano 600, Ultegra & 105. Wheelset is Mavic Module E with Shimano 600 hubs & RD.

I would love to discover any info about these early 1990s Carreras!  There must be others out there, if not in UK. I’m familiar with their stylish, futuristic even, current carbon (+ steel) output, but can find little before mid/late 1990s when the paint styles went way too far for me. The simple, elegant black & chrome looks tasteful to me.

In its latest trim here. Just installed some better gear levers but it would be much nicer with Brifters… Weighing 21.4 lbs as seen. Neat machine!

I’m intending some updates anon. Like  more Campagnolo components. Nothing wrong with Shimano,  but this bike is Classic Italian & I say no more: )

These forks are just amazing for their style &  near shoulderless construction.

I’m thinking they might just accomodate 28 tyres, instead of the 25s, which are not for real ‘comfort riding’. It’ll be fun experimenting: )

OK. I listed it on ebay.co.uk yesterday (03/12/2018) in order to check interest & response in UK. I’m realising now that it would/might be better presented as a frame & forks, rather than an entity. But I leave it go & see what happens.

It’s the Genius tubing that interests me. A friend of mine has built up a Genius tubed MTB in the past & he says ‘avoid’!! (Genius) But I say he should not have used Genius tubing for that application??

(Road bike good? MTB not?)

You reading this Em? Tell me then; )

My instinct says this frame is special. Can’t prove it yet, but I’m looking: )

Columbus Genius lugged seat-tube/rear 1/4 assembly.

A lot of detail here?

Like seat-stay bridge, Columbus decal, rear brake cable routing, ++.

I hesitate to describe in detail right now….. But welcome comments always: )

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