If you are tall & like ‘Traditional English Tourers’, you may like this one!

It’s a lovely example of the breed & I’m currently working on getting it back to life. Needs to be used & appreciated.

This machine was bought new in 1981/2 & was Claud Butlers top tourer then. 531ST tubing, Campagnolo head-set, ends, hubs (in Mavic rims) Weinmann 605 brake calipers. Stronglight chain-set. Was in direct competition with the venerable Dawes Galaxy at that time: )

By 1995 the (now ageing) owner had it converted to flat bar & fitted a new Stronglight chain-set. It was ridden for a while & then stored….

Which is where I got it, looking a little sorry for itself.

Wheels needed replacing, along with bars, stem, brake levers & a gear change system. Paintwork is very nice overall, just a few scabs to deal with, but it’s already looking tidy to my eye.

Came originally with 27″ 630mm rims. I happened to have a good Weinmann eyeletted front available so I found a new Weinmann 7 speed 630 rear for it.

Fitted here below with 700 Mavics, with 32 tyres. A little too heavy for me. Happily the original Weinmann 605 calipers adjust to both size wheels.

Dalesman here with 700 wheels & 32 tyres. Needs 28s for me!
Tried it with 700 wheels but decided to go with skinnier 27s later...

Out this cold but sunny Sunday morning (28 Oct. 2018) for a spin, to check out gear changing, brakes & general set-up.

For me, setting up this type of bike is vital. Needs to be comfortable over distances & this one is proving a little awkward… Problem is that the frame is slightly big for me at 6′ 1″. Stand-over more than saddle height, if that makes sense? Feels taller than it actually is for me!

I was thinking of using it as a winter town bike, shopper, etc. & see how it goes. Just needs guards for that.

If it proves too big for comfort it’ll go on ebay.

Speaking of which: This is a lovely Mercian ‘King of Mercia’ that was just too big a frame to be comfortable for me. Shame, it was a most beautiful traditional English lightweight machine.

In the background is a very cool Viscount impatiently waiting to go!

Wish I had kept that Viscount….

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