Dave Marsh

Dave MarshA classy late 80s Time Trialler here. Forget guards with this one.

A very nice, responsive frame, pictured top with Campag shifters, then lent to a family friend for a couple of years.


Just got it back (July 2017) & I’ve rebuilt it with available Shimano Aeros & indexed down tube shifters. Stronglight double chain-set & Shimano 500 RD. Weinman calipers & sturdy Mavic rims in Shimano hubs. The Turbo saddle is just the best for me: )


I love the white/cream Panaracer Pasela tyres. 700 x 28 is OK for town use with all the modern ‘potholes’. It is a pain on 23s I promise you!


I know the cream tyres are not for everyone, but I like them. This bike looks very neat with black tyres also!!


Intended as a town/fun bike currently.

A saddlebag might be good here also: )



Invited in for a checkover. Needs/will get bearings greased & wheels truing. Will be close to perfect then: )