French Diamant Mixte ramblings

A new project: ) Hurray!

This is a recent ebay find & will be my ‘Winter Project’ this year, 2015. Listed as a Peugeot, but appears to be a French Diamant. (As opposed to the German & Belgian Diamants)

Mixte ebay 1

Ebay pic here.

Always liked mixtes, but the ones with curved laterals appeal best to me. This one comes needing a refinish, but seems to be mostly complete & original otherwise. Some nice, small touches: Like the owners name & address details on a tag beneath the stem bolt.  Lots of braze-ons for brake & gear cables, even for the dynamo cables under the down-tube. 650B Chrome steel rims (584mm) with new Michelin World Tour tyres, Atom hubs. & great shaped, period bars. Nice, stylish alloy guards with built in lamps both ends. It just looks French & very pleasing to my eye.

Looking to be mid/late 1960s to me. Has braze-on for down-tube lever so probably a 4/5 speed originally. (Came to me with single speed freewheel) I am therefore intending to find a suitable French threaded 5 speed block for it. (I now know that it takes English threaded blocks: )

The frame has been over-painted at some point, including the rusting chrome bars, brake calipers, levers, bell, alloy stem & seat-post….  Would be a problem for some, but I like the idea of using the original parts where possible, & replacing/updating the rest. For example the brake calipers. Alloy calipers would be better IMO. I have the feeling that alloy rims would be a useful upgrade, & 700 rims may possibly fit. The idea is to have a bike that will have period charm & looks, but the best available braking & gear-changing. IE. A retro machine, but with modern usability & safety.


Currently (21 Sep 2015) the frame is mostly stripped of its paint.


DSCN1202Was taking it slowly, in the hope of finding hints of decals/lettering under the over-paint.  (I never thought it was a Peugeot; ) I now see it is a French Diamant: ) The submerged head decal helped here…. The original paint was Polar White main-frame, with Carmine Red lugs, BB, highlights, etc. Right now I’m thinking of a similar Ivory & Carmine theme.  (Or coffee & cream: ) Lugs look interesting, so why not emphasise them a little?

Ivory & Carmine were the colours of a certain British Railway Company in the steam era…. That’s one of the possible colour combinations in my head currently.

Need to check that one. Thinking of decals on a refinish, with no hope of getting ‘originals’??  May as well use my own ideas….

Did check the V-CC ME (Marque Enthusiast) for ‘French Bikes’ but it was a total waste of time….  A proper Chump, (Cordoned or otherwise) or plain Plonker is the mildest Anglo Saxon description I want to use here for family viewing. Anyone else got any negative experiences with the V-CC? (Let me know. Had plenty to date…: ) Contact page click here.

They, the VCC ‘Officials’, spend most of their time bickering & grandstanding in my experience. Lions led by donkeys comes to mind here.  But the Chairmans conversations about me with his GF(???), which he emailed to me, are seriously defammatory (speaking of Initiation Ceremonies & such for V-CC!! Innocent members may find it difficult to believe, possibly) & recorded by me for posterity; ) I’m clearly an ex V-CC member now….

Have to say though, that most other V-CC MEs are doing a wonderful job. (Swift ME excluded) I can thoroughly recommend the V-CC Royal Enfield ME, for example. A proper gentleman & a true Marque Enthusiast. In the best sense of the word.

Recent news (3rd April 2017)  is that BikeForums has closed a thread I started on there about feedback from V-CC members….

(I have copies of the pre ban content, just to be fair: )

No free speech on BF then? Bike sites closing ranks to defend, are we? We will see.


Would be nice to have some original looking decals that are correct for the bike, but it is not vital for me.

Latest iteration of this machine is here, with 3 speed SturmeyArcher AM gears. Had the rear wheel rebuilt with the SA AM Hub, & it suits & rides very nicely.



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