F E Dunning

FED 4 sp LR 615kbHere is a beautiful, classic English F E Dunning tourer from 1955 in original paint, with ‘art deco’ lining & original components. Has 4 speed FM hub, GB brakes, 26x 1 1/4″ wheels, I only changed the pedals here…. One was Phillips Philite, the other a Webb.

It is getting alloy wheels, good brakes (not GB in other words…) & the 4 speed FM is going into a 700 alloy rim currently. It is in regular use & needs updating in certain areas in order to be safe & efficient. I’m not one of these people who zero in on ‘originality’.


This bike is featured on Classiclightweights Readers bikes & in good company there. In fact it is very rare, & ‘Pop’ Dunning built all his own machines. No frills, but attention to detail was his ‘method’. The local Willesden Cycling Club has a Dunning Cup for the 25mile TT record holder currently.


This bike has been in regular use for a long time with me now. With alloy wheels & decent brakes I love it!

Changed brakes to Aeros after this…. I’m always updating it. Would you think this is 1955??

Now in the good hands of my good friend Clive: )

This machine deserves an appreciative owner much younger than I.


2013-05-01 13.24.03