Love this little, curvy mixte machine. Unappreciated in UK, but it’s a star in my opinion. Mid/late 60s I think, & has a 3 speed derailler gearing. Great paint & shiny chrome, alloy guards, rear rack, chain guard & sad saddle is how I see it.

Intended & prepped for a favourite neice, but her father bought her a cheap Electric MTB before she saw & rode it… (Time for some education I reckon: )

Today, 5th February 2019, I delivered this lovely bicycle to its new owner.

Big smiles & a happy transaction. I know she likes this bike, & I’m more than happy to see it go to a good home: )

Maybe she will be OK with a photo of her riding it. I will ask, but I know she is a little shy: ) I do know she loves it though.

How nice is that?

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