Giant GSR 300 project

Came across this well preserved, vintage Giant GSR 300 recently (Thanks Peter: ) & decided to modify it for my own use as a Town Bike/Load carrier/Shopper. Multi-use in other words.

Originally came with basic Shimano 3×7 derailler gears, but I happened to have a nice Shimano Nexus hub in a 26″ rim that seemed to be asking for such a frame….

Always had a respect for Giants high quality frames & this one is from mid/late 1990s in such fine condition it was crying out for practical use.

I’m not a mountain biker but this one could be used for some gentler off road, say canal tow paths, etc. quite happily with the right tyres.

So here it is with the wheel fitted, plus a rear rack (separate mountings for guards & rack are built in) & now just needing wide guards to enable all weather use….

Came originally with period Cantilever brakes, but now has a coaster rear, with V front. Currently trying to sort the cabling in order to use the original cable guides for a ‘clean’ look.

I’d like to dispense with the straight MTB bars, (for Allrounders or similar) but the Shimano Twist grip/changer unit needs straight bar ends for a certain length in order to fit properly….

So it goes right now: ) This frame could take 700 rims quite easily, but that is another project/story: )

Gear changer cable routing for Nexus hubs is normally along the chain stays, but I’ve routed it along the top tube & down the seat stay for now, in order to use the now redundant rear brake cable guides. Easily changed with the appropriate Nexus non-turn washers.

Cable routing along the chain stays would be ideal using the provided stop for derailler cable.

It’s a work in progress just now: )


December 2017.

Finally got its guards over the weekend, so now we have an all-weather workhorse.  No rattles, the Nexus gears are working perfectly & all it needs now (IMHO) is a less chunky stem (ex a Dutch roadster: ) & some more suitable bars.

I don’t like the straight MTB type bars, but the Nexus changer/brake lever assembly needs a good amount of straight on the bar ends to fit properly….  Allrounders for example won’t work!

I used this Dutch bike adjustable stem to find the right height/place for the bars for me. On this slightly undersized frame it is not easy to judge.

I will fit a different saddle soon also. This one pictured is original, but not comfortable for my delicate parts.

All in all I’m very pleased with the way it rides now, its practicality & comfort. With a Turbo saddle it is very easy on the delicates.


All weather at last.