Holdsworth Criterium 1990

This bike turned up in a sorry state last week. Bent forks was only the beginning….

This machine was made by the Falcon group around 1990 & with a 531 frame. Would be a shame to see it scrapped.

Here with a replacement set of forks for now. The original forks may just be repairable, but these came from a 1950s BSA Roadster (Of all things) with 28″ wheels. Leaving clearance for guards with 700 wheels.

Came with Shimano Exage 400 groupset & Biopace double chainwheel. Rear wheel is original too.

Had to replace the front brake caliper (Universal) & pedals, saddle, tyres, & seatpost, but it is close to original else.

Fitted new cables, trued the wheels, adjusted the brakes & gear changers & it is pretty much ready to roll.

The BSA chevronned fork crown might just get some strange looks from Holdsworth fans but the slightly longer trail helps with toe clearance & extends the wheelbase slightly.

Paint & decals pretty good, no rust, just a little dent in the top tube to show for its chequered past.

Will make a good town bike/runaround for someone: )


Now fitted with a different 7 speed  Mavic wheelset (see below) with 28 Panaracers, & what a difference: )


Gloucester roads are in poor repair currently (a disgrace actually, you need a 4×4 on local roads) & 23 or 25 tyres are just ‘not on’ for a comfortable ride hereabouts.  28s do the best job for me, 105psi & they roll well & soak up the irregularities. Now looking for a pair of 28 black  Schwalbe Marathons, or something similar.


Need to change the saddle, temporary seat-post clamp & chain.

Lots of small needs actually, but you upgrade as you can/need.

Seat angle? I just haven’t sorted the seat-post clamp yet.

The photo below, with the cream Panaracers, shows it fitted with the Mavics & 28c tyres.

(Just the job for this bike, but needed elsewhere: )