I’ve always thought that the ‘Traditional’ F frame luggage carriers are unsatisfactory. Either floppy PVC/Leathercloth,  which don’t follow the shape of the unique Moulton racks, or others ‘adapted’ for the job. I’ve had the ‘Original’ Arrowsmith items but they are

I thought to produce some of my own ideas.  I often think I can do things better… Currently got 3 in process, learning as we go: )

The basic idea is to have a good quality stiff, strong, easily removable box for both ends which suits/fits/melds with the unique shape of the racks. With a weatherproof removable cover.

Our efforts to date follow here.

A good friend of mine has a very similar Moulton, so we co-operate in this endeavour.

Basic contruction here is a very thin corrugated cardbord base, to establish the shape & then covered in several layers of paper soaked in a Resin glue.. It ends up very stiff,  durable & light.

This one has a positive fixing & a turn ‘button’ to fix & release it. Literally 10 seconds on & off.

The eventual idea is to establish the correct shape, then create a mould from which others can be easily reproduced: ) Glass Fibre maybe, or even carbon fibre??

Comments welcome: )

The central fixing spine adds great strength & locates it precisely on the rack.

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