I’ve always thought that the ‘Traditional’ F frame luggage carriers are unsatisfactory for me.

Either floppy PVC/Leathercloth,  which don’t follow the shape of the unique Moulton racks, or others ‘adapted’ for the job. I’ve had the ‘Original’ Arrowsmith items but they are expensive, if you can find one in reasonable order.

Of course you can have custom made leather bags, but you could buy a couple of good F frames for the same sum.

I thought to try some of my own ideas. Currently got 3 in process, learning as we go: ) Front & rear in various sizes.

The basic idea is to have a good quality stiff, strong, easily removable box for both ends which suits/fits/melds with the unique shape of the racks. With a weatherproof removable cover.

Our efforts to date follow here.

A good friend of mine, Peter, has a very similar Moulton, so we co-operate in this endeavour.

Basic contruction here is a very thin corrugated cardboard base, to establish the shape & then covered in several layers of paper soaked in a Resin glue. It ends up very stiff,  durable & light.

This one has a positive fixing & a turn ‘button’ to fix & release it. Literally 10 seconds on & off.

The eventual idea is to establish the correct shape, then create a mould from which others can be easily reproduced: ) Glass Fibre maybe?

Comments welcome: )

The central fixing spine adds great strength & locates it precisely on the rack.

If you have good eyes you can see that I used Veteran Cycle Clubs yearbook pages to fabricate this. An excellent use for these otherwise useless pages: ) They are finished off with brown paper, randomly torn.

Looks to be a good solution & we look forward to seeing the finished articles.

We are using a faux leather PVC material which should be waterproof. In process here, testing for fit before the bottom flap gets a line of stitching along the bottom.

Awkward stuff to machine stitch unless the two PVC surfaces are faced together…

Intention is to fix the lid with snap fasteners so it is removable when needed.

The box is getting varnished later so the colours will be a closer match than shown here.

The vinyl material is lined with a fluffy fabric base which I don’t think needs lining. We will see!

My sewing machine cannot handle this slippery vinyl easily & I need a walking foot/even feed foot to proceed further.

Now got the foot & here we go again….

Here is the latest situation on Wednesday, 19:30, 9th Jan 2019: )

Front & rear boxes waiting for the lid covers to be made to fit. In process here. Now needs a varnish to weatherproof the boxes, & snap fasteners to fix them & off we go: )

The bolt on the rear box (pictured right) attaches it positively via the rear lamp bracket. This may be changed at some point because a lamp cannot be attached thus.

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