Arrowsmith front bag.
I’ve never had a high opinion of the original F frame luggage carriers. But people will pay surprising prices for these nowadays. OK they are rare in reasonable condition, but…

Made of a stitched PVC outer & a ‘fibreboard’ inner? The original Arrowsmith items are so expensive, if you can find one in reasonable order. Never best quality perhaps, but they were made in the 60s & a modest extra for your new F Frame then. It’s amazing how some have survived in fact!

Of course you can have custom made leather bags, but you could buy a couple of good F frame bicycles for the same sum.

We thought to try some of our own ideas. Currently got 3 in process, learning as we go: ) Front & rear in various sizes/capacities.

The basic idea is to have a good quality stiff, strong, easily removable box for both ends which suits/fits/melds with the unique shape of the racks. With a weatherproof removable cover.

Our efforts to date follow here.

A good friend of mine, Peter, has a very similar Moulton, so we co-operate in this endeavour.

Basic contruction here is a very thin corrugated cardboard base, to establish the shape & then covered in several layers of paper soaked in a Resin glue. It ends up very stiff,  durable & light.

This first one has a positive fixing & a turn ‘button’ to fix & release it. Literally 10 seconds on & off.

The eventual idea is to establish the correct shape, then create a mould from which others can be easily reproduced: ) Glass Fibre maybe?

The central fixing spine on the front box adds additional strength & locates it precisely on the rack.

If you have good eyes you can see that I used Veteran Cycle Club Yearbook pages to fabricate this. An excellent use for these otherwise useless pages: ) They are finished off with brown paper, randomly torn. I use one layer of white & then a layer of brown in order to make sure of layer coverage.

Looks to be a good solution & we look forward to seeing the finished articles.

Only downside is time… & I have learned that a lot of Moulton racks, front & rear, vary quite considerably, so that one box, if fitted carefully to one rack, will not necessarily fit another that looks the same!

Next process has front & rear boxes waiting for the lid covers to be made to fit. As here. Now needs a varnish to weatherproof the boxes, & snap fasteners to fix them, & off we go: )

The bolt on the rear box (pictured right) attaches it positively via the rear lamp bracket. This may be changed at some point because a lamp can’t be used. But there are other options for lamps.

Here’s the prototypes of our boxes fitted to Peters very neat Series One Moulton, & just needing details to finish.

Next pair will have some small differences, improvements. I don’t like the fit of the rear box on the rack, at the front. Does not match the angle of the front of the rack. But this box was made to fit my rear rack. It’s a prototype….

One conclusion is this: If you want a well fitting box for your own Moulton rack, it needs to be made for your own particular carrier rack.

This project continues….

Petes very cool Moulton with our Custom Carriers.
JBGs 64 F Frame with its new carriers. Nearly finished: )

This is my machine today with its box lids nearly ready to fit their snap fasteners.

I’ve deliberately made the front box smaller, so that it can be used on its own for small items, together with the large capacity rear, or rear only. Lids/covers on or off.

Been thinking that the front should have a hard lid, so that other lighter stuff can be carried on top of it, if necessary.

What you saying Pete?

If you can find it: )

Before Easter maybe??

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