This Moulton needed a repaint I thought white would be right. I think it was perfect!

The original Moulton F frame in 1962 was a ground-breaker in my opinion.

55+ years later they are still around & well appreciated by those who know: )

You can go the ‘Original’ restoration route, or the ‘Personalised’ …….

Both are good, but if your F frame needs a repaint, (most of mine did: ) then you can indulge yourself & try out your own ideas??

I love that one: )

Some more examples here below.

Nice Moulton Midi here. A child who wanted a Chopper got this, & hardly used it: ) Cautious parents?
Mini 3 speed here, slightly modified: )
Stowaway on left Standard on the right
As found here. Needing a little TLC.

‘Before &’afters’ are always interesting!?


This one came from the good lady Pat from near Swansea. Bought new by her I believe, (?) & did its job for many years before being retired in the garage.

I thought it was a good case for treatment, just waiting for a new life.

See below for the ‘afters’: )

I got a front rack & changed a few things, added suitable new tyres,  etc. etc. & here she is ready & waiting for the next how many years; )

Afters here:

Been out this morning (2/12/2018) for a local shopping trip. All fine: )

It’s been refinished, rebuilt as you see here, waiting for its next adjustment.

Riding well right now: )

Thanks Pat: )

(This pic shows a front luggage carrier in prototype form here.

The idea is a durable box, with quick release, following the contours of the original rack. Dedicated page to this process here: )

Some details below. More anon…

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