Rach looking confident LR

Had to fit you in here Rach: ) You always top of the list for me. I don’t care what your mother says. (You always the coolest girl IMHO: )

This is a cream K65 Deluxe fitted with an early 3 speed here. My favourite Moulton with my favourite niece. How nice is that?

I’ve had a few Moulton F frames over time & always had a high regard for these radical/trendsetting machines.

Trouble is, with my 16 stone weight, & looking at the delicate forks & suspension I do not think I should inflict this on a good Moulton F frame: )

K63 front profile

Now in Peters safe hands. And now in regular use in Worcester: ) Not bad for a 1963 model.

Early 1963 example here, in red, still waiting on a decision to refinish…

Mini 3 Speed profile LR

With 14″ rather than 16″ wheels the Moulton mini is ¬†3/4 size for smaller adults, or bigger teens. Suspension both ends means a comfortable ride, & the looks certainly get attention after 50 years.