Raleigh Loop 1934

Recent find is this shapely Raleigh Popular loop frame from 1934.Loop profile LR In excellent order for an 80 year old. Has original paint & complete except for RH grip & rear reflector.

The Brooks B73 Lady’s is probably original too, & in good order. Much of the red lining is still there & the head decal is good, the rest faint, but there. Chrome is OK although showing its age. The 28″ x 1  1/2 wheel rims are solid & true, not even a frozen spoke….  Chain-case has a few dings/scratches but has all the sliders…

I’ve fitted new tyres & I added the period basket & support. Went out for a first short ride this morning & it’s a stately rider. No faults or anything loose! Just needs the brake pads wearing in before a final adjustment. Then a detailed clean & polish will make it sparkle.

It is quite amazing for a 1934 model, not even a seized bolt or nut. Everything is free…. Bearings all good. The original pedal rubbers indicate the wear & tear & it has been well looked after before it was stored for many years. The Celluloid Bluemels grips are hard to find…. But I’m looking: )


I got a pic of my favourite sister riding this machine…

She is a bit shy I think, but looks happy?? Big smile is visible: )

Well done Titch: ) But I want some closer ups…..

I’ve had requests…..

Titcjh on Raleigh loop