Royal Enfield Revelation. Retro & cool.

Always liked the Royal Enfield Revelations. Small wheelers, but these were different & better than your contemporary Raleigh 20s & Dawes Kingpins. They were designed to carry loads, were tough & built to last. They were simply full sized bikes with smaller wheels. (& much fun to ride: )

RE RevelationThe RE Revelation was arguably the best of the genre.

They will always be rare since they had a limited production run of 18 months or so, from mid 1965 until RE went under at the end of 1966.

This has been slightly modified, but they make excellent personal/customisation ‘projects’.

This one has been painted & modestly updated with an alloy Sugino Maxy chain-set, alloy SR stem. Allrounder bars, adapted front rack, & cream NOS Pirelli tyres.

Original 20 x 1 3/8″ chrome steel rims, with a 3 speed Sturmey Archer AG Dyno hub.¬† Raleigh 20s have same size rims, but 28 spokes instead of 36 on Revelations.


Compare this pic of my Revelation against a road bike (1988ish Dave Marsh TT) Illuminating to compare a 1960s shopper with a late 1980s competition bike? Check the seat/bar heights & the frame angles/wheel-base.


Revelation compared with full size Dave Marsh









This one has oversized 22″ wheels (rather than the original 20″) with coaster rear brake. Great! Just nimble & neat.