Scott ESUB Tour

Bought this ‘ex demonstrator’ Scott ESUB off ebay recently for a modest sum: )

For a first new ebike I’m very happy with it after a few miles…. Much more to learn, of course, but feeling good right now.

With a potential 90 miles on a full battery in Eco mode, or 36 miles in Turbo, that’s what I was looking for. IE Range plus carrying capacity.

Rides like a traditional 3 speed roadster without power, so that is a definite plus for me.

Riding it under power it senses how hard you press on the pedals & responds accordingly. This is my first machine with disc brakes (hydraulic here) & they are a revelation for me: )

This one has the Bosch Active Line drive unit with a 400W battery, with a 500 available later, which fits into the same connecting pod. Looks futureproof in that respect to me.

This is an entry level Ebike from Scott & it impresses me greatly.


Updates to follow.