Had 2 Simoncinis to date, (July 2017) the first being this Super Record with lugged Columbus Max tubing.

First Italian bike also. Good start?

Lovely machine.

Simoncini Super Record

















It came to me (from a skip. Thanks Peter; ) damaged but repairable. Was always too small for me, but it turned into a most beautiful machine in the end.

Columbus Max will always be sculpture in steel, if you ask me.


Corsa black tyres LR 700kb

Nice frame, shame about the paint?? Looks great in red, with subdued decals. See below.

Second Simoncini is this alloy & carbon frame bought for ‘a song’ off of ebay. From around 2003 it is an excellent example of the transition from steel to carbon. Columbus Altec triple butted alloy main-frame, with carbon Columbus Carve ends. It’s a lot lighter than it looks with the big section tubing. Currently away for a refinish at Madgetts in Norfolk. (who also refinished the other one: )


Got it back today (17th November 2014) & built it up to see what it looks like… I love the crimson against the cream Ultremos. Needs details sorting for me, but a cream bar wrap & saddle might just be the next step, or two. More pics when I get my camera doing what I want it to do: )


Great result from Madgetts. Thanks Mick: )

Will get appropriate decals shortly & will then look better. It rides beautifully for me & I love it: )

Some people don’t get the cream Ultremos, but I like them & that’s what it’s about, isn’t it?? In my head was the crimson & cream colours of a certain British railway company I remember from the 1950s.

Crimson Simoncini Corsa

Close clearances evident here. This machine does not require guards anyway: )


























Taking the autumn shade under a local cherry tree here.

Got most of its decals here.