Had 2 Simoncinis up to date, the first being this Super Record with Columbus Max tubing. First Italian bike also. What a way to start? Lovely machine.

Simoncini Super Record

















It came to me (from a skip. Thanks Peter; ) damaged but repairable. Was always too small for me, but it turned into a most beautiful machine in the end. Columbus Max will always be sculpture in steel if you ask me.


Corsa black tyres LR 700kb

Second Simoncini is this alloy & carbon frame bought for ‘a song’ off of ebay. From around 2003 it is an excellent example of the transition from steel to carbon. Columbus Altec triple butted alloy main-frame, with Columbus Carve ends. It’s a lot lighter than it looks with the big section tubing. Currently away for a refinish at Madgetts in Norfolk. (who also refinished the other one: )


Got it back today (17th November 2014) & built it up to see what it looks like… I love the crimson against the cream Ultremos. Needs details sorting for me, but a cream bar wrap & saddle might just be the next step, or two. More pics when I get my camera doing what I want it to do: )


Great result from Madgetts, Thanks Mick: )

Will get appropriate decals shortly & will then look better. It rides beautifully for me & I love it: ) Some people don’t get the cream Ultremos, but I like them & that’s what it’s about, innit?? Doing your own thing is always cool.

Crimson Simoncini Corsa


























Taking the autumn shade under a local cherry tree here.