Singer 404G Slant-o-matic 1960ish

This is the Singer 404G Slant-o-matic from circa 1960.

One of the rarer Slants here:

Straight stitch only, but with all the benefits of the 400 series, alloy body with steel gears (except one!) & without the complications & weight that the Swing needle versions had, with their multiple choice fancy stitching capabilities.

Makes for a lighter, simpler, most reliable & sturdy machine. Weighs 26lbs in its (new) portable case with a toolbox & foot pedal. So it is really portable, & you don’t need to be a weight lifter to move it: )

In 1960 a  lot of people still wanted the simple straight stitch machines.

You can still use attachments for more capabilities. Buttonholers, Zig Zag, Rufflers, etc. etc. And it is an excellent freehand embroidering machine.

The Swing needle/zig zag domestic machines were a still relatively new concept in 1959, introduced only around 1952, and many sewers still preferred the traditional straight stitch machine.

It cost a lot of money then, & the 40o series were arguably the last of the real Classic Singers. Before they went plastic & tried to compete with the Japanese on price…. They were always going to lose that one. As with Motor Cycles, Cars…. & ordinary bicycles.

Ideal for the modern sewer who wants a classic machine that will outlast you: ) & keep its price over time.

This is a proper, retro, useable Classic sewing machine I would say.


This particular machine is in excellent order, mechanically & cosmetically.


It is treadle capable if that takes your fancy. Just needs the correct balance wheel with a groove for the belt. And the appropriate treadle base….

Many people are currently converting Slants to treadle, particularly the 411G versions with their Zig Zag & chain-stitch capability.

Currently (July 25 2017) getting a service & check over. Will add some more detailed pics shortly.