Singer 411G Treadle.

Singer 411G in original treadle format. German machine in Italian cabinet.


411s were made in relatively small quantities, so the treadle version must have been a small percentage of those. This looks to have been bought as a treadle in 1965!

411G showing the belt cover. First one I’ve seen: ) The leaning spool pin (of Pisa??) has been fixed, as has the misaligned belt cover. Just check the paint quality… Like new, almost: )

411G in its mirror finish, Italian cabinet, in glossy finished Mahogany(?), is in lovely condition.. Quite amazing for a 52yo: ) Please excuse all the annoying reflections. It’s so shiny you cannot conceal/hide the reflections easily: )

411G with treadle details, belt cover below. Not normally seen: ) If you have a ‘normal’ 411 this is what the screwhole is for.

Showing the drive with no motor connection. Just the treadle belt. The hole is where the motor  would be on a motorised machine.


Recent find here is this Singer 411G in an original treadle cabinet….

Since I got 2 other 411s I’d been thinking about converting one to treadle. Plenty others online are discussing/doing it.

This looked to be my shortcut: )

Seems to be in original treadle spec.

Correct balance wheel & belt guard. No motor fitted, but the light is wired & working.

Cabinet is Italian made & good quality in a hard, glossy finish. A very neat item on its own.

This must have been a really extravagant treadle machine when it was bought. Swing needle, all the fancy stitches, & chain-stitch!! On a treadle!?

I only wish my long legs (Me 6′ 1″!) would fit under the treadle…. Sometimes you just cannot win: (

But I do have shorter sisters/nieces.