Singer 431 Slant-o-matics

Rarest of the Classic Slants needing a little TLC but working fine.

Three new Singers arrived last week: )

201K23 at the front, green 219K + 431G. All classic Singers IMHO.

Best currently is the 319K but I have high hopes for the 431G. It is stitching, but needs some TLC to the paint & minor details. Many thanks Neil: )

Rarest of the Slants in need of a little TLC with paint, but working fine else: )

Showing the chain-stitch thread control, same as the 411.


Got another very nice 431G recently, so I add another dedicated page for it….

431 throat plate fixings. RH side needs help: )

Got 7 Slants currently. Showing L to R: 404G, 411G, 401G, 431G, 431G. Also 411M & 401G in cabinets, not shown.



This is the 431G now stitching very well, despite its damaged R/H throat plate fixing. I’m also in the process of touching up the various missing paint areas….

Stitch samples from some of the standard, inbuilt combinations on this machine. Tensions need some finer adjustments but its doing the job very well.