Singer Starlet/Genie: )

Neat package in immaculate order here.

A Star in its own way this one! A time warp Classic Singer from 1974.

I’m normally averse to plastic with sewing machines, but this one has a light cast alloy ‘chassis’ & the plastic is the bodywork. Made in France may have something to do with it. Slick design & a ‘one off’ from Singer before they ‘lost it’ to better & cheaper machines from the far east.

Designed to be portable, this one does it in a neat & clever way, I say.  And, this particular one is close to perfect.

Nothing else like it. Thanks Kay: )

This is reportedly Singers follow up to their very nice, popular & expensive 221 Featherweight from the early 50s.


In my opinion this is not an equivalent, but it is portable, lightish, (19lbs?) & has a zig-zag facility, & available for peanuts still. If you look, just make sure it is in good cosmetic & working order, with all the plastic panels intact, & you will have a very cute machine I say: )


Starlet to go. To open it press the button concealed above the red Singer badge which drops the leaf. The cover slides off & your foot pedal & cable is stored neatly inside. Plug it in & sew.

This machine is built on a very sturdy alloy chassis & has two belt drives. Both easy & cheap to replace if necessary.

It feels very solid & smooth in operation. High speed in zig zag is the proper test….

But it isn’t designed for performance as such. Don’t think of leather/heavy denim with this machine, it’s best at regular/occasional, medium stitching.  Normal household use in other words. That’s what it was designed for.

Saying that, it is also very capable of embroidery, & there are lots of inexpensive, standard Singer attachments that will fit it. Needles & bobbins are plentiful.

Take these panels off your Starlet to see it naked.

Without its covers all is revealed. Bed, pillar & arm is cast alloy, which gives the machine its solid feel. Easy to work on, adjust, lubricate etc.

It is not Semi Industrial, Heavy Duty, (look on Ebay for plenty of those…) it is a simple, good quality Domestic machine. Great for a novice, beginner perhaps?