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Interested in cool, slightly different bicycles?

Well, this is my modest online space for my own machines, present & past.

Plus some other related stuff: )

For me variety is the spice of life & my bikes may well reflect that.

Above are a couple of late 60s Royal Enfield Revelations. Slightly modified, but super, enjoyable rides.

I like the idea of taking an older, vintage, good quality frame & building it up for modern, safe use. RetroMod?

A few more of mine below: )

So, I intend this site to be picture heavy, but still cover the interesting details. No ads, no pop-ups. No BS.

I’m currently populating the site, but I leave it live while I get on with it.

Dave Marsh TT bike
Pashley Courier
Buckley Brothers lightweight tandem 1948
Simoncini Super Corsa. Columbus Max tubing.
Batavus Koala
Early 1950s Carlton Mixte