Gundle catalogue pic

This is a Gundle Model T from the period catalogue. My first Gundle.

Leonard Gundle is a relatively unknown Birmingham producer of best quality Trade/Butchers/Carrier bikes in UK until he died. Literally! He died very shortly after closure.

When I found my first Gundle I knew nothing much! But I did some research on Leonard Gundle & here you will find some of what I discovered: )

He made motorcycles in the 1920s. You want to see some? Keep looking.

In the 30s he concentrated on Trade bikes. IE Work bikes.

When you see his Catalogues you will see the amazing range of bicycles he produced.


This was my first, amazing & lovely Gundle Model T.

Bought at auction with little/no interest from others & I brought it home happily.

It sparked an interest in me & I decided to research it.

Long story here, but I finally connected with Leonard Gundles eldest daughter who was so lovely, & so amazed that anyone was interested in her fathers bikes!!!

How ‘mad’ or ‘happy chance’ is that? Serendipity is the right word in my head.

I’ve got lots of historical photos of Leonard Gundle is his youth, which will be shown here below: )

Have a look & tell me what you think.

LG on the day he retired with the last Gundle off the line.
LG late 1920s in Germany on his own machine
site info
LG 1946 at rear with their Bush Car export offering

Historic images above. All genuine LG.

You can see much more here below: ) Catalogues, personal photos. I got some interesting stuff to share.

An under appreciated man in his time I believe. I try to rectify that here.

On the right you see the last Gundle off the production line. Pictured 20 years later with only his young family, nephews, neices riding it: )