I say Vintage, but 11 years for any ebike has to be ‘old’? I’ve got the original Bill of Sale & it cost £645 on 31/05/2012. And is in as new condition! Could easily be 6 months old.

It’s unusual because of the twin top bars, ‘Dutch Style’ you might say. Sturdy aluminium frame & 3 speed Shimano Nexus hub with roller brake. Front is V brake & they both work really well: ) It has done tiny miles before being stored & this is why it interested me. It’ll likely be my last bike (at 76: ) So why not have something interesting?

Original spec is here below: Upright seating position, & the front rack looks awkward to me!

I wanted the bars lower & further forward & I’ll adapt the front rack to suit my tastes. I’m looking for a load carrying Town Bike/Shopper. The original panniers look like brief cases to me & will be replaced by bigger capacity, much lower bags for light groceries & stuff. The rear rack is too high to put much on top!! Especially since I need to get my old leg over it: ) It’s even got skirt guards, on a mans bike?? I don’t wear skirts so I removed them. I love the old thing though & I’ll enjoy modifying it slightly & riding it. I doubt I’ll see another one: )

Being an 11 year old eBike the battery & motor are crucial. Battery is holding a charge well & I’ve had the motor apart to check & lubricate the internal gears & all seems well in both these respects. The 3 speed Shimano & its Roller Brake are absolutely fine. It weighs around 55lb including 12lb or so battery, so it’s a bit like an old Raleigh 3 speed.

The frame & motor is Chinese & looks good quality. Has a ‘Through the Wheel’ lock on the rear, Continental style, but a poor, basic, one sided stand. No suspension, (less weight: ) but tyres are 47 x 622, basic, but plenty of life left. Front rim shows no wear! Brake pads are likely original & show minimum wear. Same on the pedal rubbers. Not much use.

Only done 10 miles or so on it yet, but I’ll report progress here as I go.